This is the first of a number of posts that provide an insight into the thoughts and musings of my father, Roger.


The quote below is a prophecy that Dad was given back in June 1982 in Mum's parents' house by someone who rented the top floor of the house where Mum grew up.


Remember a prophecy is special word of insight from God about events that might otherwise seem ordinary. They aren't always about the future but this one is.


I'll leave you to decide whether this prophecy came true or not:


You will go to many places to bring encouragement and faith to those who are faltering in their belief. You will be used of me, but first I must strengthen you & go on strengthening you in many different ways. First I must fill you and go on filling you with my Holy Spirit. You will be encouraged & nurtured by your friends and corrected & disciplined by life's many challenges, including the “rods of men” and the jostlings and criticisms you meet along the way. Learn from & go on learning from Me in all these things and the wonderful treasures I have placed in an earthen vessel will become more revealed for what they really are. You will  be used by me but abide & go on abiding in my love. I will lead you in my love. I am always with you.