"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose"

Jim Elliott 1955

① When we lose ourselves/our lives we find our true selves/our true lives [in Jesus].

② When we truly humble ourselves, we are exalted [by God], for the least become the greatest in His Kingdom.

③ In the midst of agony/suffering we may know & share in Jesus risen joy/ecstasy & glorious victory (over sin, the world & the devil)

④ God's strength is revealed in human weakness: when we are weak, we are actually strong (in God)

⑤ In acknowledging our foolishness we recognize God's true wisdom for God's foolishness is far greater than all human wisdom.

⑥ In acknowledging our spiritual bankruptcy/slavery to sin, we can turn to receive God's forgiveness & eternal (abundant) life in Jesus. In the midst of Sin (& its consequences in spiritual & physical death) the way is open to eternal life

⑦ In the discipline of / slavery to the Lord / to righteousness, lies true freedom in the power of God's love (in the Spirit) to do what is right.


We are saved to serve and (in the process) to be transformed. Hence Augustine (Truly) Love and do what you will.