"All visions are risks to step out of our comfort zones to earth the benefits of heaven's resources for the healing and wholeness of others."

Russ Parker (Acorn Healing Fellowship)

(Acorn Christian Healing Foundation)

"The heart of all visions (is) to see something strategy and to be empowered by God to do something practical to meet the other at their point of need"

, ... and so (ibid) underlines the [other's] humanity and need to be loved as one made in the image of God.

"Suffering is not a question which demands an answer. It's not a problem which demands a solution. It's a mystery which demands a presence.

God doesn't explain the mystery of evil & suffering, He enters into it [in Jesus].

The Incarnation is the greatest example of empathy the cosmos has ever seen.

That is Christ's example to us.

We enter [in Christ] into the mystery of suffering."

Dr John Wyatt pp 133/134

"Creation, Chaos & Christ" Keswick Year Book 2008