He has given us the ministry of reconciliation. We may talk about leading people to the Lord but always first & foremost it is the Lord Who draws them/us to Himself. (They are drawn to Jesus by the Father. John 6:44) To be a "soul winner"/ambassador is a privilege of His grace that we need to / he yearns for us / to ask Him for as by His express & loving will & grace he makes us, in Jesus, his partners in building His kingdom.

So we start off giving people what they want hear (i.e. meeting with people as/how/where they are at) and move on to end up sharing with them they need to know/what we want them to hear (from God). The model is always Jesus' own ministry in Gospels. We must "be Jesus" to them: Keeping close ourselves to Jesus in trust and obedience.

Show them unself-consciously how we enjoy being Christians (& they can be united in Jesus to do so also).

Pray in the/your Spirit for the Holy Spirit for words of knowledge & discernment wherever you meet/talk with people.

8 Things that close the door (to God's message):

(a) religious language or jargon - NB no "sloganizing".

(b) Trying to explain everything - this risks hubris/self righteousness and may well reveal our basic insecurities. Accept there are many things we don't understand / that are hand / to understand. This reveals real humility.

(c) Don't moralise - this risks hubris & dogmatism. Neither condemn or condone - certainly never condemn people. God alone condemns or is merciful. We are simply to be ministers of His grace / goodness in Jesus.

(d) Never give the impression of intolerance (the bane of hardened evangelicals). Rather stress how (deep down) God made them/us in His image/like Himself, as a living soul and He loves them to bits (wholly unconditionally).

(e) Never have tension in Conversation (this kills relationship/contact)

(f) Never use theoretical explanations. The Gospel is not/never the explanation of God's plan of redemption but rather it is come to God's banquet/feast - a personal invitation (through coming to Jesus) to God's party for them. Stress "God loves you" - when a person makes serious enquires later (or becomes a Christian later) then explanations can come (helped by the Holy Spirit in the life of the person).

Always KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid!

(g) never comment on news stories

(h) never use extreme / detailed personal testimony